Instructions for use Motion Free

The correct way to use cream Motion Free

How to apply free motion

The medication described, the joint only effective, but also easy to use. Easy to apply the cream and active ingredients is rapidly absorbed, 10-15 minutes. The drug should be administered every day at least 3 times, preferably with a little massage action to strengthen and accelerate the absorption cream for painful joints. The course of treatment 4-5 weeks of the application, but again and again if necessary with the use of a one-month break.

Indications and contraindications

Application Motion Free you have shown the following symptoms if joint diseases:

  • swelling or swelling, knee, or elbow;
  • the middle toe bone cause discomfort and pain side hotels;
  • when replacing a nagging pain like this;
  • pain, foot or knee in the morning after waking up;
  • elbow and knee pain last not the flu then the man is sick or a sore throat;
  • back pain neck;
  • restrictions, motor function, limb, or body;
  • then the characteristic function that returns хрусты head, elbow, or knee.

The specified signals of significant symptoms osteoarthritis, arthritis, and sciatica. Crossed this isn't a problem in the chronic phase, starting as soon as you need using treatment cream Motion Free. Made for this vehicle, all-natural components, therefore, the contraindications, and side effects (can use it even women, children feeding the baby when breastfeeding). The only limitation that comes with any article of intolerance cream.